Struggling to route your horsebox?

February 15, 2021
October 1, 2020

Our brand-new compliant routing product — which is to be launched soon in the UK — will help to tackle the daily struggles horse owners face when confronting the roads with a horsebox on board.

Say goodbye to your old sat nav, we’re bringing our always up-to-date technology to the horsebox world.

The service, which is being introduced by our sister company Lorry Route, will specifically tailor all routes nationwide to fit your personal vehicle dimensions. Our web-based tool upon request will automatically store each user’s vehicles allowing for a safer, more compliant and shorter route.

A survey from last year by the British Horse Society (BHS), the UK’s foremost equestrian charity, stated that 315 horses have tragically died on Britain’s roads over the past 10 years.

The BHS received 3,737 road incidents from the public involving horses from 2018-2019, however, it is widely regarded that only 1 in 10 incidents are being reported and the figure is deemed to be significantly higher.

Our always up-to-date maps will help to reduce this number of incidents by generating safer compliant routes.  As you well know, travelling goes hand in hand when owning horses.

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So, stop horsing around and get yourself onboard!

Happy Routing,
The HorseBox Route team