Why should your council partner with Lorry Watch?

Lorry Watch is a cost efficient, easy way to manage local roads.

Promoting and providing easy access for all fleets with regulated, compliant routes for the whole of the UK, keeping drivers and the public safe. 

Promoting and providing all fleets easy access to the shortest routes possible for their sized vehicle, saving companies hundreds of pounds a year on fuel.

Keeping HGVs away from pedestrian areas such as small villages and primary schools, keeping air quality as best as it can be whilst allowing your local economy to thrive. 

Providing all companies based in your region, with up to 20% discount on all Lorry Route systems. 

Low-Friction Reporting

How does it work?

REPORT: Residents can instantly report a vehicle or traffic incident via our website on their computer or smartphone.

NOTIFY: Lorry Watch informs the local council of the incident.

ACT: Lorry Route works with local councils and companies to escalate any problem areas, changing the core mapping for the whole of the UK to use. 

STORE: We store the incident and reporter details for future reference. Reporters can agree to have councils contact them for further information.

UPDATE: All residents who report an incident get an automated reply, keeping them in the loop and making sure they feel heard.


Community is at the heart of Lorry Watch

Use your community and make the most of user-driven data collection, helping you pinpoint problems as they happen. Lorry Watch helps your community feel heard and respected.

Helping community & council

Work with us to improve your roads

Store all of the vital details of your vehicles and quickly get routes tailored for their weight and dimensions, wherever they’re headed across the UK.

Get permission from reports to contact the person who has reported the incident, to get more information, and prosecute where necessary.

Monitor your area by a live interactive map, that can keep track of reports, and present where all incidents happen. 

Work with us to report the matter to the DVSA, with Lorry Watch logging all updates on the council portal, accessed anywhere, at any time.

DVSA Reporting

We keep you, the reporter and your records up to date

Lorry Watch reports severe incidents to the DVSA, following your council rules on what type of report to escalate.

We'll keep you up to date with all status reports from the DVSA, keeping everything in your online portal for easy access for 3 years. We also update the person who reported the incident.

Community onboarding

We'll notify your local area, getting the whole community involved

On our Premium package, Lorry Watch will run a mail-out to every address in your area, making sure everyone is aware of the work you're doing.

We also offer your local fleets up to 20% off our fleet packages, protecting your communities, infrastructure and allowing communication with local businesses.


What we can do for you

Lorry Watch log in
One login that can be circulated within your council, with one main email address that is notified of any reports.
Updates to local businesses regarding road restrictions (includes 1 annual interactive conference)
An interactive conference specific to your council, tailored to your chosen subject matter eg. local road issues, updates to local business or separate subject of your choice. 
Quarterly mail-out content for any online databases
We will supply you your emails ready to send, notifying businesses and residents of local traffic and road news. 
Discount on product for local businesses
Lorry Route will provide discounts to ensure businesses don’t feel like they’re kept in the dark.
Free routing solution for any Council Development construction sites
Local construction sites cause chaos in local communities when not handled correctly. Ensure all contracts are following your local road rules with a free account to Lorry Route. 
Introductory resident flyer through all doors within area
Lorry Route will arrange a flyer to circulate your local community, to notify them about their Lorry Watch portal.
Constant content for all/any local/parish magazines 
Lorry Route can supply content for you to circulate, to be used in any publication you feel will benefit from local news (up to 5 content designs per annum)
DVSA Reporting, Management and Communications
Lorry Route will take control of all local reports; sending them to DVSA and keeping everyone up to date with the progress of any complaints on the online portal.

Report an HGV incident in your area

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