A central source for your area’s road rules

Lorry Route sees a national problem where no Transport Managers have easy access to any local Authority rules. We have the power to fix it.

We're working hard to be the national central source for all Local Authorities to save, store and share their local compliant rules with the whole of the UK’s driver network.

Store all of your historic and recent TROs

Make use of the rules that have been made for a reason, and ensure Lorry Route has the knowledge to inform the HGV industry.

Inform drivers of your rules

Drivers will follow turn-by-turn navigation which will include your local road rules (TROs) - however big or small your area is, ensuring total compliance and safety.

Limit repairs your local area due to the damage created by large vehicles

Advertise Lorry Route and Lorry Watch in your area, to have one central source to stay connected to your local communities, inform all drivers who pass through your area of your rules, and protect your local roads.

Welcome to Lorry Route! Take a look inside to find out exactly how we could help your fleet get the job done while staying safe and compliant.

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Really simple and very effective. An indispensable tool to help us manage our fleet.
Maria, Agency Z Ltd.
Couldn’t do my job without it. Lorry Route’s straight forward to use and really powerful.
Jacob, SignalComm

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