Generate the fastest, most efficient, green-compliant routes for all sized vehicles throughout the UK.

We’re bringing our 12 years’ experience of helping fleets route their way through the London Lorry Control Scheme to the rest of the UK. Ensure safe journeys, avoid delays and stay compliant, wherever you’re headed.

Simple fleet management

One easy-to-use dashboard to manage all your fleet’s routes, vehicles and drivers.

Fleet vehicles

Compliant routes for all your vehicles throughout the UK

Store all of the vital details of your vehicles and quickly get routes tailored for their weight and dimensions, wherever they’re headed across the UK.

Custom Routing

Plan for specific times and trailers

Set the start point, destination, trailer details and timings of the journey and get a fully compliant route for every trip. Avoid pedestrian areas, restricted roads and Low Emission Zones, including the upcoming ULEZ in all cities in the UK.

Route Sharing

Get your routes to the people who need them

Send your routes straight to the drivers by email or SMS to give them instant turn-by-turn navigation and voice guidance through the LorryRoute app.

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