Office of the Traffic Commissioner urges drivers to use commercial sat navs

November 25, 2021
November 25, 2021

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner has highlighted the need for commercial vehicle sat navs to be used to help further tackle the number of UK bridge strikes.

Network Rail reported 1624 bridge strike incidences in 2020/21, a figure which is still causing heavy concern.

As mentioned from the Senior Traffic Commissioner last year, in the aftermath of a bridge strike the transport manager and/or driver will be fully investigated for their responsibility and involvement in the bridge strike. Drivers and transport managers may be called to a hearing and in the most extreme cases be suspended from driving or receive a prison sentence.

One of the main causes leading to unnecessary bridge strikes are the use of sat nav systems not compliant with Heavy Goods Vehicles which ultimately comes from poor route planning.

Lorry Route’s web and mobile compliant routing solutions allow transport managers and drivers to fully prepare tailored compliant routes for all sized vehicles.

Route generation is calculated using specific vehicle dimensions – height, weight, width and length – to produce the safest, quickest and greenest routes. Without these vital dimensions, route generation cannot be completed.

Lorry Route’s core mapping data has eleven different commercial speed limits programmed into the system providing accurate ETA’s to increase fleet/driver planning. Live traffic link API calls highlight current and future planned road disruptions such as closures, diversions and roadworks.

Transport managers can plan safely in advance with the Lorry Route web application where users can store their vehicles, drivers, trailers and locations. Tailored compliant routes can be viewed, saved, shared and printed to help maintain compliancy within your fleet.

The My Route – Compliant Routing mobile app uses up to date sat nav technology specifically designed for Heavy Goods Vehicles. Turn-by-turn navigation is provided with each tailored route allowing drivers to safely plan and stay compliant within Britain’s Road network.

The My Route sat nav further aids drivers in avoiding low bridges, PCN fines, Low Emission Zones and Ultra-Low Emission Zones.

Bridge heights, weight restrictions and length restrictions are all visible to the driver on their smartphone through My Route’s compliant routing sat nav. Drivers can access the mapping data and identify any heavily restricted areas that may lead to a contravention.

Should the driver unexpectedly come off route, the sat nav will correctly reroute the driver to a compliant route. Drivers can safely plan their daily routes ensuring they avoid low bridges and all restricted areas.

The introduction of the ‘Rule of Zero’ to the mobile application prompts the driver to update their cab and vehicle dimensions before the start of each route. This new feature has been specifically designed to help fleets/drivers safely avoid bridge strikes. Drivers can not undertake a new route without responding to the application.

With the busy festive schedule now here, Britain’s roads will be more congested as HGV trucks aim to meet the increased demands. Ensure you stay safe, compliant and efficient with Lorry Route.