Direct Vision Standards

March 31, 2021
March 30, 2021

London has now imposed Direct Vision Standards (DVS) for all HGV’s exceeding 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight. Those vehicles wanting to operate in and around Greater London must now meet new DVS standards as part of the Transport for London Vision Zero plan.

The DVS scheme has been implemented to help improve the safety of all road users in London with pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists all most vulnerable to road accidents.

The scheme measures a driver’s view directly through the windows of the HGV. A star system has been put in place to provide each vehicle with it’s own rating. The rating system ranks from 0 (Poor) – 5 (Excellent).

Currently, vehicles operating in and around Greater London must meet the 1 star standard. As part of London’s Vision Zero plan, the standard will rise –  for all HGV’s exceeding 12 tonnes – to 3 stars. This will officially come into effect by 2024.

The Vision Zero plan set out by the Mayor Of London, aims to tackle accidents and deaths on the roads. With the help of the DVS scheme, oversized vehicle drivers will increase their vision on the roads and help make the city’s roads safer.

If your vehicle meets the minimum 1 star requirements, you will be granted a HGV Safety Permit when you apply online. This permit must be obtained for operating in Greater London. For those vehicles who do not meet the minimum standards, you will be obliged to make several safety improvements to ensure you are adhering to DVS.

Vehicles in Greater London which do not possess a HGV Safety Permit or do not conform to DVS will be handed a penalty charge notice.

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