February 15, 2021
September 1, 2020

The London Lorry Control scheme is managed by London Councils.

Enforcement is carried out by a team of enforcement officers who monitor vehicles from the roadside. The officers use their cars to patrol London and target specific locations which are either complaint sensitive or where experience has shown they will observe high numbers of heavy goods vehicles. They are often observed at convergence locations.

What is a convergence location?
Convergence locations are sites where several routes come together, often having passed through different boroughs. At these sites officers see a greater number of lorries therefore enforcement is more effective.

If you are deemed to have not undertaken a compliant route and breached the council's terms, you will be handed with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). The company which is found to be guilty will be handed with a charge to the sum of £550 however a charge for the driver accounts to a smaller sum of £130. If payment is processed within 14 days of the issue date, a prompt payment reduction of 50% will be applied.

In practical terms once a series of lorries are caught the drivers may decide to change their routes. The flexibility of mobile enforcement means they can be pursued to the new locations, particularly as their alternative routes tend to be limited by the size of their vehicles and their intended destinations.