Size matters - HGV bridge strikes taking their toll

September 2, 2021
October 5, 2020

With HGV bridge strikes costing the UK economy £23million every year, it is time for HGV drivers and fleet managers to take note of vehicle dimensions and fully prepare for a compliant route.

Last year's statistics showed 1,787 known bridge strikes were reported, with over 4 bridge strikes taking place each day causing major disruptions.

Research conducted by Network Rail has shown that 52% of lorry drivers do not take low bridges into account when planning their routes up and down the UK. Around 43% of drivers also admitted to not measuring thier vehicles before planning a route.

Drivers, fleet managers and businesses will be liable for any bridge repairs which can have a huge impact financially, with the average bridge strike costing £13,000.

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected many UK businesses. With the winter months around the corner, daily deliveries will be rising to keep up with hectic schedules. Britain's roads will be busier with increased deliveries and bridges will become more vulnerable to HGV strikes. These strikes can cost companies valuable time and goods.

Lorry Route's low bridge planner offers affordable compliant HGV routing software using web and app platforms which exclusively show every bridge height within the UK. With several pricing plans available, individual's and Fleet Managers can easily store each vehicle's specific dimensions – height, width, weight and length – to plan tailored routes. Managers can generate and text drivers' daily routes which can be followed using Lorry Route's turn by turn navigation app.

Customers can generate the fastest, most efficient, green-compliant routes for all sized vehicles by avoiding low bridges, PCN fines, road closures and Low Emission Zones.

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