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PCN fines starting again in London from June

June 11, 2020
May 29, 2020

At Lorry Route, we are trying our best to keep up to date with the ever changing rules recent times have brought. Due to “significant increases in traffic volumes” as well as delivery patterns now beginning to get into a “more normal phase”, London Lorry Control have announced that PCN fines will be back in enforcement from the 1st June. For “a two-week period (until Monday 15 June 2020) the operators of vehicles that may be in breach of the scheme will receive a Warning Notice only.” After this two week period, the “LLCS will revert to usual enforcement of the scheme under the existing terms and conditions”.

We have updated our mapping with the newest London Lorry Council rules, as well as taking this period to ensure that all of our data is as up to date as possible. We hope to get all of our present and future customers back and up and running on Lorry Route before the 15th June, and appreciate any patience whilst we work to ensure that this goal is achieved. We thank all of the companies who have continued to use Lorry Route throughout this period, protecting UK bridges, public areas, narrow roads as well as their carbon footprint, as we have continued to supply thousands of routes to large vehicles, ensuring the cheapest, fastest yet most efficient route.

Please do not hesitate to contact to ensure that your account is activated for the upcoming changes.

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