HGV drivers facing suspensions for bridge strikes

Lorry Route helps avoid low bridges with compliant routing
Richard Turfitt, the Senior Traffic Commissioner, has amended the statutory guidance for UK bridge strikes. HGV drivers could now face public inquiries as well as driving suspensions following bridge strikes.  
These amendments, coupled with Network Rail’s ‘Wise up size up’ campaign has left HGV drivers and transport managers possibly facing full culpability.
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HGV drivers involved in a bridge strike could be suspended from driving or imprisoned.

Now, if an incident is brought forward to a traffic commissioner, it will be reviewed and the driver or fleet manager will be assessed for their responsibility in the bridge strike.

In the worst cases, drivers and transport managers may be called to a hearing and the driver could be suspended from driving or possibly face a prison sentence.

Lorry Route helps you avoid these risks with affordable, compliant HGV routing, customised to your vehicle. Our low bridge route planner with always up-to-date maps store every bridge height in the UK, making sure drivers can avoid bridge strikes.

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Once the routes are generated, you can assign your drivers to their routes. Share routes via email or SMS and drivers can follow the turn-by-turn navigation using Lorry Route’s sat nav app. You can also print routes for sharing or record keeping.

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