My Route - compliant routing

September 2, 2021
March 3, 2021

As we now plan to route all sized vehicles, the Lorry Route app has had an upgrade and with this a new name.

Users may already be aware, we have recently updated our mobile app for iOS and Android. My Route - Compliant Routing will now route all sized vehicles.

The new update will not affect Lorry Route customers and users of our turn-by-turn navigation app.

HGV drivers must log in again with their details and select their chosen type of vehicle. For Lorry Route customers simply tap on the Lorry icon to swiftly be on your way again.

Our HGV route planner app provides turn-by-turn navigation for drivers assisting you with every road you take. With all UK bridge heights stored within the system, you can avoid all low bridges at all costs. Through a number of algorithms, drivers can also successfully avoid PCN fines, narrow roads, Low Emission Zones and pedestrian areas.

Install the My Route - Compliant Routing app today to generate your first fully compliant route!