Error handling

If all goes well when you make an API call, then you'll get a standard 200: OK response.

If you get a 400: Bad Request error, it usually means that there's something not quite right with the way your request has been written. The API will return an error message that should help you figure out what's missing. You may also get a 404: Not Found error which means the API path hasn't been set correctly.

A 500: Internal Server Error is an infrequent error message that can mean there's something not right with the API configuration. Get in touch with us and we'll help you get things working smoothly again.

Example response:

   "id": "zJizsLSc",
   "code": "not_found",
   "status": 404,
   "detail": "/api/wrongpath"

In this case, the API path is incorrect, so we've returned a 404: Not Found error. Your next step would be to double check the documentation to make sure you've accurately copied the path for the function you're after.