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Oct 20, 2020

Down Hatherley Lane, Twigworth, Gloucester, UK

Down Hatherley Lane, Twigworth, Gloucester, UK

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Followed Arthur Oakley Transport Ltd lorry, Registration BU63 YBH from B4063. Ignoring lorry watch sign continuing through single lane roadworks through Down Hatherley village, mounting the verge to avoid roadworks barriers by the church. Frequently getting stuck/stopping as oncoming vehicles have to drive into the hedgerows or use residents driveways to get past. Traffic ground to a halt so much so it was safe to use my phone to take several photos, which you are welcome to have. At one point there was another oncoming heavy goods vehicle which had also ignored the traffic watch sign, so it was entertaining them trying to pass each other! The vehicle detailed above once clear of the traffic chaos/knocking hedgerow debris into the road behind him cleared the village & turned into Hatherley Manor Hotel to complete his business there. So sheer laziness not driving around a more suitable heavy goods vehicle route to access the hotel. It is Tuesday 20th Oct 2020 & this all occurred around 0830am. I am a resident of the village & sick of seeing this on a regular basis, the lorry drivers pay the signs no attention. Pointless a more robust heavy goods vehicle deterrent is required along this road.

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